We decided to do Andrea’s Haints and Hoodoo tour after I found it on Facebook. We were on a mother/daughter vacation and both of us are interested in vampires, voodoo, and witches vs just the run of the mill ghost tails. That was what sealed the deal on choosing this tour
We were the only ones signed up for this particular tour and how lucky we were! You could tell Andrea is passionate about what she does. She herself has done extensive research on the stories, facts and legends that she shares. You can say she is an expert in the paranormal.
Originally we were looking at a ghost tour at night, and wasn’t sure because this one was during the day, but I’m so happy we did this. Andrea takes us down little backstreets and alleyways in the historical district to tell these stories. Nighttime tours are not allowed in these residential areas.
It makes for the picture perfect backdrop to tell stories of vampires, hoodoo, Dr. Death, cemeteries, and witches.
While this isn’t a “scary” tour, it is rich in history of the dark side of Charleston.
This is a fascinating tour and well worth it!

This is not your typical touristy walking tour; it is fun and full of interesting facts and stories that you don’t typically hear about Charleston! The city has such a rich history but many do not know about the rich cultural and mystical background. Charleston was a melting pot of religion and magical culture back in the day. This knowledgeable tour-guide takes you off the beaten path and shares the diverse mysteries, legends, and mystical tales that don’t always get told about this great city. I learned quite a few stories that I hadn’t heard of anywhere else – and I’ve lived here for over a decade! On top of all that, the tour-guide herself is one of the nicest people you could meet!!

Thanks! and thanks for sharing your gifts – I’ve come to believe it’s beyond important to step up into our light. Scary as hell, but it affects so many others.

“Andrea’s gifts and insights were shared in a very caring, calm, soulful manner. The way she organized and presented the information was clear, helpful, and really resonated with me. Andrea’s open heart, integrity, and passion are so apparent. I appreciate her guidance with setting an intention after the reading to help the lessons really sink in.”
-Tina W.

“The reading was really wonderful and very affirming. Only two days into my prayer, so much is changing so fast. I love all the action!”
-Eyren M.

“I had no idea what to expect. Andrea’s preparation, depth of detail and relaxed confidence were amazing. Her blend of unique spiritual gifts and a rigorous, traditional and highly disciplined background infuse her readings with credibility and purpose. She opened up my eyes to new thought patterns that have made an immediate and positive impact on my life.”