Charleston Haints and Hoodoo Tour

Hear strange true stories of conjure and the macabre, witch trials and local voodoo.

Visit the very spots where a mermaid was held captive, where a spirit once whispered orders into a holy man’s ear, and where our own Doctor to the Dead practiced a most peculiar form of medicine.

The Charleston Haints and Hoodoo Tour is a walking cultural tour grounded in real people, real beliefs and real events, all giving rise to spectacular legends and superstitions.

This tour is based on works of literature, extensive archival research and numerous interviews.

Tours are 90 minutes and leave from 1 Vendue Range, Waterfront Park, in front of the large circular splash fountain. All tours are private and limited to small groups, so times are flexible. Cost: $25 per person. Contact to book!

The Secret Charleston Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Spiritual Guide Tours in Charleston, SCExperience Charleston through the eyes and mind of Poe . . . if you dare.
Retrace his footsteps through alleys and graveyards on a guided walking tour.

Hear the legends and stroll past the sites that inspired Poe’s most enduring works. Along the way, uncover the source of Poe’s lifelong obsession with the city.

Pat Conroy said it best: “I like to think of him walking the streets of Charleston as I walk them and it pleases me to think the city watched him, felt the shimmer of his madness and genius in his slouching promenades along Meeting Street.”

The Poe Tour leaves daily at 5 PM from the lobby of the King Charles Inn, 237 Meeting Street. Note: from November to March, the tour leaves at 4PM.

Cost: $25 per person. Space is limited to 12 people per tour.

Both tours recommended for lovers of the macabre, curiosity seekers, ghost walk lovers and monster hunters, ages 9 – 99. 

Call 843.860.2155 or hit the Book Now button to reserve your spot. 

Andrea tells wild stories of Charleston’s eccentrics by day, gives psychic readings through spirit guides and the Akashic Records, has a degree in literature from the College of Charleston and a law degree from the University of Chicago. 

She recently braved several weeks with howling wolves in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania tracing the footsteps of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler. 

Unfortunately, her husband wouldn’t let her sleep with the window open. 

Tour tips

This is a walking tour!  Wear comfortable shoes.  Bring water, umbrellas, fans.  Our sidewalks accommodate wheelchairs and strollers.  If you are injured or require a walker or cane, contact me about reserving a bicycle taxi or a private storytelling event.

Use the gents or ladies before the tour starts.  Public facilities are located at the tour starting point, and we won’t pass by another for an hour into the tour.

Tour FAQ

What’s a haint?

A southernism for lost souls. This is not a traditional ghost tour, but we cover other baddie haints that skulk around town.

What’s hoodoo?

Book a tour to find out!

Why can’t we book a night tour?

The City of Charleston regulates where guides may lead tours. After 6 PM, we cannot lead tours into residential areas – where all the cool stuff is. Besides, there’s a ton to do in Charleston at night, like the traditional ghost tours or eating and drinking yourself into sheer bliss. No worries, I can good and thoroughly creep you out in broad daylight.

Can we book a private tour? For a time your calendar has reserved for public tours?

Absolutely! Contact me for details.

Suitable for children?

This is a family-friendly event, though not appropriate for young children because the tour requires attention and a good deal of walking. Children 9 and older, and adults of all ages, will enjoy this tour. Depending on your child, seven or eight years old may be appropriate. Use your judgment!

Is there a bathroom close by?

Public facilities are located at the tour starting point, then about an hour into the tour.

Does the tour end where we started?

Yes. I will not leave you stranded in a dark alley, alone with a haint and your imagination on fire.

Will I see a ghost?

I doubt it. Most people don’t see ghosts at any point in their lives. It’s more common to feel them, hear them, smell them. More about that on the tour.

I don’t believe in ghosts or witches or vampires. Can I just come have fun?

Heck, yeah! You’ll walk away with a solid sense of Charleston’s culture, its fears, and its humanity from the 1700s to today. That said, the most frequent comment from my guests is, Thanks for the nightmares.